Let’s Get Acquainted…

I am a life enthusiast, living in the moment and enjoying the adventure. As an awarded speaker and corporate trainer, I have traveled the world and feel just as comfortable in the boardroom improving a business profit margin as I do in a quirky teepee community in Siberia.

Unleashing your passion, power, and skill is my gift. Ultimately, with my help, you can navigate business and life with ease. I am a coach of coaches and pride myself in making even the murkiest business waters seem like a river cruise. Over 19 years I’ve trained over 600 coaches and speakers to have thriving businesses that leverage their personal expertise. We are all experts at something and have the solution someone is seeking. …and yet, we are not experts at anything.

Whether it’s your fortune 500 Company, your tiny non-profit, your coaching practice, or your home, I have an innovative system to integrate the best of human behavior from each person to drive greatness.

And after all of that . . . it’s time for fun! I LEAD FUN. I ROLE MODEL FUN, I BREATHE FUN. Fun is in the adventure of exploration…of sampling all the goodies life has to offer.

When people look at my life and say, “I wish…” I show them that they can. You can craft your own version of an adventurous, exciting life – and it can be EASY.

Now here is the “Official” bio:

International speaker and corporate trainer, Sherry Prindle has delivered over 4,000 presentations in 8 countries and all 50 states in three languages. 

She founded the Professional Coach Academy where she has been instrumental in launching the careers of over 1,200 professional speakers and coaches through Life and Executive Coach Certification classes the biannual Star Marketing Summit.

A Certified Master Coach Trainer and author of multiple books and audios, Sherry organizes the biannual Star Marketing Summit and hosts a radio show for entrepreneurs. 

Sherry has an M.A. in Business and Linguistics and a B.A. in Communications and International Relations. She lived in Fukuoka, Japan for four years and Moscow, Russia for three years successfully working as a multilingual television and radio personality. She conducts energetic, interactive training programs that prompt discovery, motivation, and change.

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